IBC Tracking System

Using RFID tags to identify IBCs means that containers can be electronically identified from metres away. Containers can be booked out automatically, assigned to a particular customer and a particular batch. They can be checked back in again just as easily and stocks of IBCs can be asset audited quickly too.


Lifting Inspection Systems

Handling heavy equipment is risky. Introducing systems to improve safety is not easy. The workplace is demanding and any equipment or systems involved need to be rugged.
CoreRFID has a long track record in developing solutions to support safety inspection for lifting equipment.


IT Asset Management

RFID is an ideal tool to control assets across multiple locations.  We provide readers and tags ideally suited for use with small, portable IT devices.  Our Asset Management software was developed to give organisations the advantage to keep track of all their IT and other essential workplace assets.


Experts in Track, Trace, Audit, & Control

RFID is a field where new developments appear constantly. Each innovation can make some new application possible and practical. CoreRFID keeps in touch with the latest advances, focusing on practical, reliable, affordable technologies. CoreRFID aims to track the best in RFID technology to make it easy for our clients to gain the greatest benefits with the least possible risk. New products appear all the time; some prove their reliability and suitability for use, some are less successful. RFID standards are constantly evolving too, helping to reduce costs and improve the ways in which the systems of one company can be made to work with those of another. CoreRFID is the ideal partner when implementing your RFID project.


IT Asset Management

RFID is an ideal tool to control assets across multiple locations.  We provide readers and tags ideally suited for use with small, portable IT devices.  Our Asset Management software was developed to help organisations keep track of all their IT and other workplace assets. Warwickshire College uses the system to deliver more accurate IT asset records, reduced administration costs and shorter asset audit time.


Health & Safety Management

CoreRFID Lifting, Maintenance & Safety Inspection Systems help to deliver improved safety for passengers, staff and the public. They save inspection costs. They improve the reliability of safety equipment inspection, especially helping conformance to LOLER and PUWER. They also help to ensure follow-up action is taken on faulty or out-of-date equipment, reducing the risk of accidents. Hoistech have been using CheckedOK for more than 5 years to improve their business and safety for their customers.


Tool Management

CoreRFID has developed systems used for tool tracking in industries such as aviation, manufacturing and construction. The solution for BAE was developed based on a requirement for automatic tool identification, giving more accurate data on tools and their location. We have also developed a system for Reactec which tracks usage and therefore reduces the risk of workers being exposed to industrial injuries resulting from vibration in handheld tools.


Logistics & Delivery

Manufacturing ID Systems help to improve production processes. They make it easier to control the supply of components to the production line and  help automate production and test steps. They manage work in progress, monitor dwell time, and validate goods returned for warranty repairs, whilst saving costs in cages, stillages, pallets and other containers. ICL uses CheckedOK to realise a full asset management system to track IBCs across their own and various customer sites.

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