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RFID is a field where new developments appear constantly. Each innovation can make some new application possible and practical. CoreRFID is the expert.

CoreRFID keeps in touch with the latest advances, focusing on practical, reliable, affordable technologies. CoreRFID aims to track the best in RFID technology to make it easy for our clients to gain the greatest benefits with the least possible risk.

New products appear all the time; some prove their reliability and suitability for use, some are less successful. RFID standards are constantly evolving too, helping to reduce costs and improve the ways in which the systems of one company can be made to work with those of another.

CoreRFID is the ideal partner when implementing your RFID project.

The CoreRFID Management Team

The CoreRFID Management Team are all experienced business professionals. Together their involvement with RFID solutions ranges from software development and systems integration to hardware sourcing and supply of complete turnkey applications.


Richard Harrison

Technical Sales Director

Richard has worked in RFID sales for 13 years delivering complete solutions for companies including BAA, Bovis, London Underground and Xerox. A Computer Science graduate, he leads the consultative, collaborative, sales approach used by CoreRFID to help make sure its customers achieve their goals for their RFID solutions.


Munzi Ali

Technical Director

Munzi joined Mannings RFID after gaining his BSc in Computer Science, in 2000. Since then he has acquired a wide knowledge of RFID technology and applications. Munzi provides the technical direction of the business and handles the delivery of projects ensuring implementation of complete solutions that bring together RFID tags, RFID readers, RFID antennas, software systems and data management.


Terry Allen


Terry brings to CoreRFID his experience of over 40 years working with corporate clients and the public sector. He has a strong background in the management of IT businesses for Philips, Honeywell Information Systems, Ocella and Anite including three business leading roles as managing director. Terry acts as Executive Chairman for CoreRFID, helping the business to drive its business plan and manage its finances.

CoreRFID was formerly known as Mannings RFID, part of the Mannings engineering group. In July 2007 the management team successfully completed a management buyout to create a business focused on the needs of RFID technology users. CoreRFID retains the staff, know-how and intellectual property of Mannings RFID. The CoreRFID team of experienced engineers and its sales and administration centre are based in Warrington, in the North West of England.

CoreRFID is backed by Enterprise Ventures and Natwest Bank.