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Plant and equipment must undergo regular inspections by law – but managing these assets can be a challenge. CheckedOK automates the process, making it easy to comply with regulations such as LOLER and PUWER. The market-leader in the lifting industry, it is widely used for other safety and maintenance applications.

CoreRFID is a specialist in RFID technology, offering software development and consultancy. We work with companies and their IT consultants to develop solutions for a wide range of industries and applications – from manufacturing, warehousing and distribution to asset management and access control.

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‘CheckedOK helped us build our inspection business’

Find out how SpanSet – an international business specialising in height safety, lifting and load control – used CoreRFID’s CheckedOK solution to develop its inspection business.

“The CheckedOK system is so easy to use . . . It has transformed the way we work.”

– Neil Pinder, MoD and utilities manager, SpanSet UK