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About us

Over 20 years’ experience in developing RFID solutions

CoreRFID has over 20 years’ experience in developing solutions based on RFID and similar technologies. The business started out as the RFID arm of the Mannings engineering group and became a standalone company in 2007 when the management team led a successful buyout.

Since then CoreRFID has worked with industry leaders worldwide. Its flagship CheckedOK system is acknowledged as the market leader in the lifting sector and widely used across many other industries and in many different countries. CoreRFID continues to adapt and develop its solutions in line with evolutions in technology and the changing needs of users.

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Our team

Richard Harrison

Richard Harrison

Technical Sales Director

Richard has spent over 20 years delivering RFID-based solutions for companies including Ocado, Kone, London Underground and Syngenta. A Computer Science graduate, he combines a specialist technical knowledge with a friendly and collaborative approach. Richard leads our sales and customer service operations, helping new clients to identify their options and providing ongoing support to existing clients. He provides an interface between our customers and our technical team to ensure a smooth and seamless service.

Munzi Ali

Munzi Ali

Managing Director

Munzi has specialised in RFID technology since graduating with a degree in Software Engineering in 2000 and he is now recognised as one of the most experienced professionals in the field. He was part of the management buy-out team that established CoreRFID as an independent business and led the development of its CheckedOK solution. Munzi is responsible for the strategic direction of the business and also plays a hands-on role in overseeing projects and implementing solutions that bring together RFID hardware, software and data management.