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Flexible inspection software allows lifting firm to support broad client base

Anderco Lifting

andercoliftingsmallAnderco Lifting is one of Ireland’s leading testing and inspection specialists for lifting equipment. The company is well-established in the utilities, chemicals, construction and petroleum industries and also operates in marine and off-shore.

It adopted CheckedOK to replace an earlier system. Part of the attraction of CheckedOK was its ability to support both the lifting and off-shore sides of the business, as well as improving efficiency. “Our previous system could no longer deliver the increased functionality, flexibility and time efficiency clients want from their reporting systems,” says Anderco’s Managing Director, Jim Lennon.

With the use of RFID, CheckedOK can reduce reporting times from a couple of days to a matter of minutes, and data from the system can be integrated into clients’ IT systems and customised for their specific needs, for example adding new equipment categories.

“CheckedOK enables us to offer clients the service they want as well as improving our processes, especially in terms of booking in regular checks.”
– Jim Lennon, Anderco Lifting

Flexibility to suit different equipment and inspections

Anderco use CheckedOK to support inspecting and test services that cover both lifting equipment such as cranes and hoists and associated lifting gear such as strops, slings and shackles. Given the wide range of equipment used by its clients, Anderco needed a flexible system able to adapt to the different standards of inspection required for each.

CheckedOK is designed to work with different inspection types and standards. It uses RFID tags as well as conventional labels or bar-codes to identify assets. By eliminating paper and pencil, it speeds up the inspection recording process, improves accuracy and makes the communication of results and warnings on inoperable equipment to management much faster.

CoreRFID prides itself on the adaptability of the CheckedOK solution. The system comes with a wide range of standard inspection forms and report templates for different asset classes. It supports common safety inspection methodologies such as LOLER, PUWER and the LEEA’s standards for lifting equipment, as well as similar inspection standards imposed by the safety agencies in Eire and the UK.

With CheckedOK, it is also easy to add further equipment types, and CoreRFID often adapts the system to fit with different operating procedures, modifications that are regularly fed back into the product.

Capturing ROTE, RAMS and client sign-off

Screenshot_20180906-165719Amongst the most important features for Anderco Lifting is CheckedOK’s ability to support Reports of Thorough Examination (ROTE) and the creation of risk assessment and methods statements (RAMS) as well as capturing client sign-off on the work carried out.

Also important was its ability to support a variety of clients – data from the system is delivered to customers via the Anderco website and alerts from the system (for example as a result of an asset failing an inspection) can be sent directly to the customer’s own email.

CoreRFID’s technical director Munzi Ali comments: “The CheckedOK Solution is widely used to help improve safety management in construction, engineering, manufacturing and chemical industries.

“The system enables engineers to easily collect and access inspection data using handheld computers, Android. iOS and Windows tablet devices or mobile phones and so reduce human error as well as speeding-up the process.

“Even though it is well-established, we continually update its capabilities and functions.”