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CheckedOK Improves Data Collection & Customer Service.

Assess Ireland, was formed in 1999 to provide inspection services to companies across Ireland. Assess offers automotive and engineering inspection services helping insurance companies to handle motor claims and helping users of workplace plant and machinery. Having grown to become leaders in the field of automotive assessment with over 50% of inspections in Ireland carried out by their staff, Assess Ireland launched its engineering inspection services in 2014.Assess-Ireland-Default

To help them handle this work cost effectively and to deliver high levels of customer service, Assess chose CoreRFID and the CheckedOK inspection system.

Safety In Lifting

Assess Ireland built its reputation on automotive inspection for the insurance industry and was keen to extend its business by offering inspection services for work place equipment. In Ireland legislation, overseen by the Health and Safety Authority (HSA), mandates regular examinations to ensure that workplace equipment – especially equipment used in lifting and construction – is safe to use. Meeting the needs of the regulations and demonstrating compliance needs a combination of professional engineering skill and administrative care.

There are many different types of equipment with different inspection criteria. The Assess Ireland range of Engineering Inspection Services covers the complete range of work equipment – pressure, lifting, electrical and other items of equipment previously considered to be non-statutory plant. To deliver these services in a consistent, professional, way requires a well-structured framework of inspection, evaluation and reporting. It also needs ways for Assess to work closely with their clients, responding quickly to requests for inspections and providing the results of the work rapidly as well.

See how CoreRFID helped in this video:-

The company prides itself on the quality of its service delivery. All of their inspections and procedures are carried out in compliance with ISO17020, the international standard for inspection bodies. Assess Ireland are also members of SAFed, the Safety Assessment Federation, putting them at the centre of the independent inspection industry and allowing them to keep up to date with all relevant legislation and codes of practice.

When creating their new operation Assess was keen to use an automated system to support both the inspection work and the way that they would work with their customers. Assess wanted the system to provide customers with a complete solution from initial quotation, through to delivery of the inspection reports. CoreRFID proposed CheckedOK to provide the inspection element and custom developed features needed to handle initial customer quotation generation. As a result, Assess has introduced a system that both makes inspection tasks more efficient and gives clients a quick response service for commissioning inspections and receiving the results.

“Customers are delighted with the instantaneous nature of the system. This level of service is practically unheard of in our market.”  – Stephen O’Neill, Engineering Inspection Manager, Assess Ireland Ltd.

From Quotation To Results – The Inspection Management Solution

The Assess solution was created by CoreRFID working closely with Assess to adapt the standard CheckedOK system to Assess’ back office and customer service needs. Close collaboration between CoreRFID and Assess has created a system that fits closely on to Assess’ way of working and benefits from CoreRFID’s experience in inspection and data collection systems. Assess’ use of the system starts at the very moment that a customer requests an inspection. Assess customers include the motor trade, plant hire companies, pharmaceuticals, construction, recycling, meat industry, hotels, apartment blocks, and schools.

Assess staff can easily generate on-line quotes for customer approval before work starts.
Assess staff can easily generate on-line quotes for customer approval before work starts.

Services are sold via Assess’ broker network. Using the system, Assess staff create a quotation based on the client details and plant list supplied providing a rapid turn-around for client requests. The resulting quotation is sent automatically to the broker/client (together with relevant terms and conditions and contract documentation for new clients) and, when accepted, this automatically triggers an inspection work order. At this point the CheckedOK inspection system takes control, allowing Assess staff to assign an engineer. The engineer can easily identify the items for inspection and carry out the appropriate set of examinations. If new assets are identified these can be added to the system there and then. Engineers are prompted for the results of their inspection on a hand held computer, recording the results of any observations. The data collected is then automatically uploaded across a GPRS link to provide an instant, up-to-date record of the inspection.

The CheckedOK database holds a list of each asset by location and the results uploaded are used to produce reports complying fully with relevant legislation. Once inspection is completed results are uploaded to a database. This information is immediately available to Assess and to their client’s on-line, through the system’s browser-based portal. Users can retrieve information selectively by site, customer, broker, inspecting engineer or asset type. They can also view assets to see when their last inspection took place and when the next inspection is due – inspection cycles vary depending on the equipment type from six to twenty six months.

The system also supports the regulatory requirement that equipment failing a thorough inspection has to be notified to the Irish HSA. If an item has a defect requiring an immediate cessation of work, a copy of the certificate is automatically sent to the HSA as well as to the client. Using these tools, Assess staff are able to offer customer service to their clients that often exceeds expectations. As they always have the correct information on assets and their inspection status it is easy to advise clients on work needed and to provide them with an overall picture of the asset base being managed on their behalf. At the same time, the system supports Assess’ goal of ensuring that their processes conform to ISO17020 by ensuring that all inspections are carried out according to the appropriate, regulated, framework. The CheckedOK solution helps Assess deliver peace of mind to their clients that inspections are carried out correctly to meet legislation, protect employees and to avoid the costs of unplanned equipment failure. CoreRFID specialises in RFID based safety applications.

The application is adapted to Assess’ specific needs based on close collaboration between the two companies. CoreRFID provided the handheld computers used by Assess engineers and advised on the selection of appropriate tag technology. CoreRFID hosts the Assess application and database and supports the complete system.

The Benefits

Benefits of the CoreRFID solutions for Assess Ireland are:-

  • Delivers significant cost savings in data entry.
  • Provides market-leading, instantaneous, feedback to customers on inspection results.
  • Easy availability of quotes, asset data and reports to Assess customers.
  • Automated production of regulatory inspection reports.
  • Easily used by inspecting engineers and back-office staff.