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Vehicle inspection firm automates processes

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Assess-Ireland-DefaultAssess Ireland is the market leader in providing vehicle inspections to the insurance industry. When it expanded its services to include inspections of workplace plant and machinery, it was keen to use an automated system that could deal with everything from initial quotations to delivery of inspection reports.

The system developed by CoreRFID has made inspections more efficient and enabled the company to offer clients a more rapid service both in commissioning inspections and receiving the results.

“Customers are delighted with the instantaneous nature of the system. This level of service is practically unheard of in our market.”
– Stephen O’Neill, Engineering Inspection Manager, Assess Ireland Ltd.

A complete inspection system

Assess Ireland’s inspection services cover the complete range of work equipment – pressure, lifting, electrical and other items previously considered to be non-statutory plant. Customers include the motor trade, plant hire companies, pharmaceuticals, construction, recycling, meat industry, hotels, apartment blocks, and schools.

The company needed a well-structured framework for inspection and reporting and a way to work closely with their clients, respond quickly to requests for inspections and provide reports.

In Ireland Health and Safety Authority (HSA), mandates regular examinations to ensure that workplace equipment – especially equipment used in lifting and construction – is safe to use. All of Assess’s inspections and procedures are carried out in compliance with ISO17020, the international standard for inspection bodies. Assess Ireland is also members of SAFed, the Safety Assessment Federation.

From quotation to inspection reports

Assess staff can easily generate on-line quotes for customer approval before work starts.
Assess staff can easily generate on-line quotes for customer approval before work starts.

CoreRFID adapted its CheckedOK system to the company’s back office and customer service needs to create a solution that fits closely with its way of working. The process starts at the moment a customer requests an inspection.

Staff generate an online quote, based on the client details and plant list, which is sent automatically to the client. Once accepted, it triggers a work order enabling Assess staff to assign an engineer.

The engineer can easily identify items for inspection on site and carry out the appropriate examinations. If new assets are identified, these can be added to the system there and then.

Engineers are prompted to record inspection results on a mobile or tablet, and the data is then automatically uploaded to provide an instant, up-to-date record that complies with relevant legislation.

Reports are available immediately online to Assess staff and their clients. Users can also retrieve information selectively by site, customer, broker, inspecting engineer or asset type and view assets to see when their last inspection took place and when the next is due. Inspection cycles vary from six to 26 months depending on the type of equipment.

Help to comply with regulations

The rules require that any equipment that fails an inspection has to be notified to the Irish HSA. If an item has a defect requiring an immediate cessation of work, a copy of the certificate is automatically sent to the HSA as well as to the client.

As they always have the correct information on assets and their inspection status, it is easy for Assess to advise clients on work needed and to provide them with an overall picture of the assets being managed on their behalf. The system also helps ensure that all inspections are carried out according to the appropriate, regulated framework.

The CheckedOK solution helps Assess deliver peace of mind to their clients that inspections are carried out correctly to meet legislation, protect employees and avoid the costs of unplanned equipment failure. As a result, its customer service often exceeds clients’ expectations.

The benefits

The CoreRFID solution delivers a number of benefits:

  • Significant cost savings in data entry
  • Instantaneous feedback to customers on inspection results
  • Quotes, asset data and reports are readily available to customers
  • Automates production of regulatory reports
  • Easy to use for inspecting engineers and back-office staff.