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CheckedOK helps Irish hoist company speed up client reporting

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CraneCare Lifting Services is a leading supplier of hoists and lifting products in the Republic of Ireland, with over 500 clients in sectors ranging from engineering and pharmaceuticals to farming.

The company, which also offers maintenance and inspection services, wanted to improve client service, reduce the time taken to provide them with inspection reports and streamline the whole process.

The introduction of CoreRFID’s market-leading system CheckedOK has resulted in significant increases in speed and efficiency.

“Clients can access reports and certification within hours rather than weeks. And we’ve been able to tailor the service to every client’s requirements, which has really improved customer service.

“Munzi and his team are always open to new improvements and couldn’t be more helpful – we’re looking forward to developing CheckedOK with them in the coming years.”

– Sean McCaffrey, Managing Director of CraneCare

Replacing paper-based systems

CraneCare’s onsite engineers traditionally completed inspection reports by hand and these were later transcribed onto the system. Many reports ran to hundreds of pages and could take two to three weeks to complete, leaving clients waiting for documentation. It also made the process open to errors.

Managing director Sean McCaffrey comments: ‘Client reporting could get very complicated, with long Excel spreadsheets making it a real headache. We needed a faster process with improved accuracy, one which could reduce running costs and if possible meet customers’ specific needs.

Automatic collection of data

CheckedOK logoAfter researching the options, CraneCare believed a RFID system could offer a solution. The company chose CheckedOK, which enables inspection data to be collected on site using hand-held readers or tablets and automatically transmitted to the hosted database.

‘We knew about CoreRFID through word of mouth,’ Sean explains. ‘CheckedOK is recognised as a top brand, proven and tested in our industry and in Ireland. When we spoke to Munzi and his team at CoreRFID, they understood our situation and what we needed.’

The system resulted in huge improvements from the start. While Sean says it took the team a few weeks to get ‘the hang of the system’, everything ran smoothly. Onsite reporting is much quicker and one staff member who transcribed reports has been able to spend most of her time on other tasks. There have been noticeable increases in speed and efficiency and clients have been impressed.

LOLER and PUWER: making best practice easy

CheckedOK – the world’s leading lifting and safety inspection system – makes it easy to comply with regulations such as LOLER and PUWER without relying on unwieldy paper-based systems. It enables companies to easily collect and access inspection data on site, reduces the risk of accidents, helps 
save costs and improve accuracy and efficiency.

For more info please contact Richard Harrison on 07752 389 745 or richard@corerfid.com