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Technology makes golf a more social game

game golf

game golfRFID technology has opened up new possibilities in sports and leisure. CoreRFID worked with sports technology innovator GAME to design custom tags for a new system to give golf players the chance to record their performance, analyse their data and share it data with others.

While RFID is often used to cut costs or improve existing business processes, this is an example of how the technology can make a new business possible.

“Working with CoreRFID on the custom tag design needed for the GAME system has been easy – helping us to meet our technical objectives and development deadlines.”
– John McGuire Founder & CEO : GAME

Capturing performance data

performance-tracking-desktopPro-sport broadcasting has shown how detailed analysis of competitor data can help us understand what’s going on in a match or tournament. GAME wanted to bring the same technology to all golfers with their new data sharing system.

The GAME system lets golfers build their own base of statistics on every game they play and improve their game by recording every club they use, swing made, yardage hit and so on. Players can access their key statistics and the system also adds a social dimension, enabling golfers tp share their performance on social media and connect with other GAME users in challenges or to share tips.

The system is based around the use of RFID tags attached to the shaft of each club and the GYG (Game Your Game) device that measures the golfer’s personal performance using an accelerometer, GPS, electronic compass and an RFID reader. Data collected by the GYG device can be uploaded to the GAME network and can be analysed.

CoreRFID specified and source the tags used to identify golf clubs. They needed to be created with precise custom measurements so that they would fit the top of a club’s grip and the electronics had to be finely tuned to provide the optimal read range when used with the GYG device.

With such a wide range of RFID tags and readers, helping customers to identify the right products remains a key part of CoreRFID’s work.

The benefits

The GAME system provides:

  • Highly detailed statistics to aid performance improvement
  • Graphical data displays that make it easy to see how a player is developing
  • Ability to compare with other players or compete in tournaments over time or on different courses.