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How SpanSet used CheckedOK to build its inspection business

SpanSet UK – a specialist in height safety, lifting and load control – is part of SpanSet International, a global business established over 50 years ago by one of the creators of the original Volvo seatbelts.

SpanSet developed and improved its safety inspection business using CheckedOK – CoreRFID’s market-leading asset management and inspection reporting software. CheckedOK is a key part of the service it offers to customers and the company also uses it to run its training department, so it is both a user and provider of the service.

Ensuring quality control

Pete Ward, managing director of SpanSet UK, says: The CheckedOK system is very valuable to SpanSet because of the quality aspect. It gives us quality control, a reassurance that the inspectors out on site are providing a consistent service.

“In terms of customers, they are able to view the records, they can see live what’s going on, they know whether an item was scanned so they know whether inspector was there, and how long it took so they can see whether it was a thorough inspection.”

Ease of use for engineers

Neil Pinder, MoD and utilities manager at SpanSet UK, adds: “The CheckedOK system is so easy to use, it’s well laid out and the tabs just flow very easily [so it’s clear] what you need to do next. As an engineer, it’s absolutely brilliant for me. I can grab the system and use it anywhere, whether it’s on a tablet or a laptop, and I think having it laid out in a nice, easy manner is absolutely wonderful.”

“I can be doing an inspection and can fail the equipment. Not only can we write on there what has gone wrong, but we can take pictures of the failed item and upload them as well. It’s an absolute dream.

“Using CheckedOK has transformed the way we work.”