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ICL Tank Inspection System

ICL Case Study

Increased efficiency with RFID system

Within the UK, ICL’s core business is the manufacturing of chemicals for Water Treatment, and the supply of downloadcommodity chemicals to the Steel Manufacturing, Food Industry and Paper Making Industry.

ICL wanted a solution that improved the process of inspecting their tanks, which store chemicals and raw materials. In order for ICL to comply with COMAH (Control of Major Accident Hazards), health and safety guidelines and maintenance best practise their tanks need to go through a rigorous inspection process, ensuring they are maintained correctly. The inspections are conducted three monthly, 6 six monthly and annually. Tanks are also inspected by a third party every 5 years.

ICL chose to work with CoreRFID by introducing RFID tagging to easily identify each tank, whilst incorporating CoreRFID’s Tank Inspection System, CheckedOK. The main aim was to provide ICL with increased accountability and make sure for themselves and the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) that the tanks are being inspected as required, that the third part inspections are accounted for and that any works orders generated are prioritised and closed off.

Implementing RFID System

iclICL already had an existing Access database that was used to log the historical data of the inspections. CoreRFID’s
proposal implemented Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID technology as an extension to the IBC RFID project already being rolled out with ICL.
An RFID tag was installed on each tank to uniquely identify each vessel. This now allows inspectors to use a handheld RFID scanner to interrogate the tag.

This has provided ICL with a whole host of benefits;

  • Eliminated paperwork or double handling of information
  • Bespoke pre-set questions were designed specifically for ICL requirements
  • Photographs can now be taken to append additional information
  • RFID proves ICL with visit and inspection route
  • KPI’s are automatically and easily interrogated

Future Relationship

CoreRFID are delighted to have worked with ICL on this successful project. ICL are now able to conduct their inspections with greater efficiency, whilst also improving the health and safety of the inspection process. CoreRFID will continue to provide additional support to ICL when required and look forward to a long and fruitful relationship.

The Tank Inspection System is an additional system to the IBC tracking project implemented for ICL. You can learn about that project here.