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Just Rigging: Equipment Inspection System

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Safety Certification for Entertainment Venues

This leading inspection and inventory specialist for high profile entertainment venues and touring production companies is reducing certification admin processes to a matter of hours with a new bespoke system.
Just Rigging and Inspections Ltd worked with developers from CoreRFID to tailor its popular off the shelf CheckedOK software for faster digital production of documentation required for health and safety and insurance.

justrigging logoThe bespoke version will enable Just Rigging’s engineers to quickly build, update and instantly analyse asset registers for kit such as hoists, truss, shackles and rigging accessories used in entertainment venues.

A Tailored Solution For A Unique Industry

Just Rigging & Inspections Ltd. works exclusively within the entertainment and events industries to inspect, service, maintain and certify LOLER and PUWER regulated equipment. Their long-standing clients include attractions such as Alton Towers Resort, London music venues Hammersmith Apollo and The Roundhouse, and Theatre Royal Newcastle.

Rigging at music events and venues need safety checks & certification.
Rigging at music events and venues need safety checks & certification.

In the field of entertainment, events and sports there is no margin of error when it comes to protecting public, the staff involved, performers and those installing sound, lighting and scenery rigs. Safety is vital and so too is completing work on time and to budget because of the tight deadlines involved in staging performances and running sporting events.

Just Rigging specialises in the need for safety inspections when staging these events and has, as a result, built up a reputation for personal service and reliability in the industry.

Installations of equipment for live entertainment and sporting events needs to follow LOLER, PUWER, COSHH, WAHR and PPEWR Authority guidelines. In addition, the National Arenas Association (which represents venues with a capacity of over 5000 attendees) publishes its own standards that suppliers have to meet.

The various inspection and certification requirements of the industry are commonly handled with pen and paper systems but Just Rigging were looking for an improved system that would allow them to operate more efficiently and enable them to share the results of inspections with their clients.

The CoreRFID CheckedOK system was able to achieve this and is now an integral part of the service offered by Just Rigging to their customers, accessed through a portal on their own web site It forms an integral part of their offer to their customers and, as their web site states, it “automates the inspection scheduling process, collates information and gives you instant access to your data, reports and asset register.”. Just Rigging now plans to roll out the new system to its client base of venues and production companies over the next 12 months. Just Rigging and Inspection’s MD Dan Holme commented: “The new solution pushes us up a level in the market, offering unrivalled speed and accuracy at a time when paper-based systems are commonly used in the industry. It also reduces long-term costs to our clients. This is just one of the ways we are keeping the bar raised.”

“The new solution pushes us up a level in the market, offering unrivalled speed and accuracy.”
Dan Holm, Just Rigging Managing Director

CheckedOK – Adaptable, Reliable, Practical

First launched in 2010, CheckedOK offers capabilities such as collecting data using handheld computers, tablets or mobiles which can be downloaded almost instantly from remote locations back to clients’ headquarters.

Users can speed-up critical inspections without having to compromise on safety. The solution has proved itself in improving safety management, reducing equipment failure and accidents in heavy industries. But CheckedOK is easily adapted to new environments and CoreRFID is happy to work to create customised versions of the system, tailored to a client’s particular industry and working practices.

ReportsCoreRFID’s system was designed so that it could be adapted to new industries. It is already used in lifting, construction, engineering, marine and insurance inspection applications. Adapting CheckedOK to the needs of theatres and music venues where equipment safety and documentation are equally important was straightforward.

CheckedOK enables engineers to easily collect and access inspection data using handheld computers, Android. iOS and Windows tablet devices or mobile phones and so reduce human error as well as speeding-up the process. In this case, the system was implemented using ruggedised, Android-based tablet computers, equipped with RFID readers. These will allow Just Rigging to automatically identify equipment using high frequency RFID tags when they implement this aspect of the system. A strength of the CheckedOK solution is that it can be used with or without RFID tags, allowing customers to introduce technology as and when they need to.


The system generates the necessary reports, certificates and, if necessary, warning emails, automatically. The ability to deliver these 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is also valuable in this industry.