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CheckedOK helps service company to identify trends in inspection failures

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proliftProlift Handling is one of Europe’s leading distributors of lifting and materials handling equipment. Its services division, which is the largest in Ireland, provides inspections and certification for a wide range of equipment.

The company relies on CoreRFID’s CheckedOK system to help it to deliver its service. It enables Prolift to provide customers with immediate access to online reports on the outcome of service inspections.

The system also collects data on inspection failures so that faulty equipment can be quickly repaired or replaced and so that trends in equipment failures can be identified.

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“Prolift is proud of its reputation as a reliable supplier of high-quality products and services. The CheckedOK system is a central part of the delivery of our services to our customers.”
– Darragh Hickey, Sales Director, Prolift Handling Ltd.

Automatic generation of certificates

Prolift supports customers in many different industry sectors and provides services including visual inspection, proof load testing, preventative maintenance, repair and overhaul of equipment.

Engineers use a mobile or handheld device to select the asset due for inspection. They identify each asset using an RFID tag, a barcode label or a visible asset number if neither of the other methods is available. This triggers the appropriate inspection list and ensures that the results are associated with that particular asset.

Once completed, the results are sent to the database. The CheckedOK system automatically generates the appropriate certificate which can be viewed online and, optionally, sent by email. Data can be accessed directly by Prolift staff or customers and exported from the system to be used in other applications.

Inspection checklists to suit every job

Prolift manages over 10,000 items of equipment using the CheckedOK system. Because of the wide range of equipment covered by its engineers – including that from manufacturers such as Gunnebo, Kitto, Haakon, Ableforge, J&L and Swedmach – the CheckedOK system needed to be very flexible in the creation of inspection questionnaires.

The standard system has many questionnaires already built in but others can be added or adapted to suit the needs of particular customers or to keep up to date with evolving safety standards.

Assigning job lists to engineers

The CheckedOK system is accessed by job controllers and inspecting engineers, while reports are available to Prolift operations management and to customers. Job controllers and field engineers can assign jobs, locations and lists of assets for inspection to specific engineers.

Each engineer has his or her own profile, highlighting which types of equipment they are qualified to inspect. They are presented with a list of equipment to be checked. Any assets not found can be flagged to the system as missing. Inspection questions guide the checks and collect data about the asset.

Engineers can use their mobile camera to take a photo of any asset during inspections. This is sent with the test results, providing confirmation of damage for example.

Reporting facilities allow Prolift staff or customers to view the details of assets at any given site, their inspection details and any photographs provided by inspectors. Opening up access to clients has enabled Prolift to offer an improved customer service and the company actively promotes the system as a central part of its service delivery.

The benefits

The Prolift CheckedOK solution provides:

  • Individual inspection schedules for engineers
  • Immediate access to inspection results
  • Data on missing and relocated assets
  • Details of trends in inspection failures