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Branded crane inspection software is at heart of firm’s customer service

Street CraneXpress

This post was last updated on June 7th, 2022 at 01:36 am

downloadStreet CraneXpress Ltd. is one of the UK’s leading providers of installation, maintenance and inspection services for overhead cranes. As the authorised service provider for Street Crane Company, Street CraneXpress has been supporting users for over 40 years.

StreetCraneExpressLogoA3Committed to innovating to improve service operations and concerned to deliver the highest standards of safety in operations, Street CraneXpress was keen to find ways of improving the delivery of inspection and certification services and recently launched the XpressView service to their customers.

CoreRFID provided the software solution for XpressView based on the CheckedOK inspection and certification system. XpressView uses tablet computers to collect data during inspections, so improving the accuracy and efficiency of inspection reports. It delivers results on-line to Street CraneXpress management and to customers. The CheckedOK system was developed and provided by CoreRFID who have delivered a wide range of similar systems to other lifting companies in the UK and around the world.

Overhead Lifting Services

Xpress View helps improve safety in lifting
XpressView helps improve safety in lifting

Street CraneXpress services a wide range of lifting equipment and gear from many different suppliers and provides a range of support services to lifting equipment users including safety inspections, maintenance, installation, relocation and refurbishment. Street CraneXpress supports over 800 customers around the UK including large blue chip companies. Street CraneXpress services include supporting overhead cranes which are used in almost every area of UK industry including manufacturing, boat building, aviation and steel handling.

The XpressView system will support all of the products serviced by Street CraneXpress, including lifting equipment featuring compact 0.25 tonne hoists up to giant workshop overhead cranes able to lift up to 200 tonnes. As part of their service approach, Street CraneXpress innovate to improve the levels of safety that they can deliver on customer sites. They currently hold accreditation to HSAS 18001:2007, the International Occupational Health and Safety Management Standard. They were also keen to find ways to add value to the service that they provide to customers.

XpressView is an example of that innovation, providing improved inspection reporting that gives customers immediate, online access to inspection reports, safety certificates and other details of inspections. At the same time the system aims to improve the process of capturing data on inspection into their back office system, eliminating double entry of data that created the opportunity for errors and delays. Street CraneXpress turned to inspection and certification systems specialists CoreRFID to help them introduce the system to help them demonstrate their commitment to service innovation.

The solution needed to be able to add value to the business of their customers by getting the most out of information collected during lifting equipment inspections as well as offering efficiency improvements that would help their competitiveness.

“The XpressView system will be at the heart of our service business. We expect the CoreRFID solution to help us to improve service delivery, retain customers and win new contracts.”  – Ray Fletcher, Director, Street CraneXpress

The Core of The Solution

The XpressView system introduced by Street CraneXpress builds on the CheckedOK application developed by CoreRFID. CheckedOK is an inspection and certification data collection and reporting system that supports a wide range of industries including lifting, materials handling and construction. The system uses hand-held computers that guide inspecting engineers and collect the results of inspections together with an internet-accessible database that can provide details of inspections, copies of automatically generated safety certificates and reports on the whereabouts and condition of assets.

The system is easily adapted to a wide range of inspection types (and comes with many common inspection questionnaires already available) and can be customised to deliver information in a controlled way to a user’s own customers. This feature allowed Street CraneXpress to be able to offer XpressView as a fully branded service specific to their customer needs but building on a widely used and well supported software product.

You can learn more about this in this short video…..

The solution can support different tagging approaches including bar codes and electronic radio frequency identification – RFID – tags which can potentially be added to the current system.

The XpressView System

The XpressView system delivers a web browser based portal to Street CraneXpress customers. From their information dashboard, users have access to a range of reports and enquiries concerning the assets that Street CraneXpress are responsible for servicing. Information is available on the service and inspection history together with photographic evidence of damage or failure.

The system can highlight any items that are approaching their next service date and warn users if items that should have been inspected during a visit have been missed. Service engineers have a site-specific list of equipment so that they know which items should be present and which inspections / checks should be carried out. XpressView records the results of inspections. New assets found on site can be added to the database at the point when they are discovered, providing customers with a constantly up-to-date picture of the items under service.

Using the dashboard, users can spot trends in equipment failures helping them to adjust usage or maintenance policies as an aid to preventing unexpected equipment failures. The system’s inspection and certification approach follows the recommendations of the Health & Safety Executive as laid down in the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) and the code of practice published by the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association, so providing users with an assurance that lifting equipment safety is meeting the required industry standards

The Benefits

The XpressView system provides:

  • Fully branded solution accessible by Street CraneXpress clients.
  • Improved service for clients with easy access to inspection data.
  • Immediate access to data on asset location and condition.