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4RAD implement CoreRFID’s Asset Inspection System

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4RAD, a testing and inspection company that provide innovative solutions for the gas, oil and nuclear industries has chosen to implement CoreRFID’S Asset Inspection System, CheckedOK.

4RAD were looking for a solution which they could deliver to their clients that enabled them to conduct inspections on hazardous offshore equipment. The main aim of this project was not just to maximise efficiency, but to ensure a safe environment was maintained. Due to the dangerous environment of offshore drilling and other projects carried out on offshore vessels, it is integral that the equipment being used is maintained and inspected to a high standard. Any faulty equipment can lead to serious issues, and need to be recognised in a timely manner. This is where CoreRFID came in with a solution by implementing a highly modified and bespoke version of their their Asset Inspection System, CheckedOK.

CheckedOK, widely used to improve safety management in a range of industries was decided as the best fit solution, as it provided a whole host of benefits, including;

  • Proven to increase efficiency, by reducing time spent on manually inspecting equipment using pen and paper method, which can be re-distributed into other areas of  the business.


  • Proven to increase safety by providing an essential audit trail of inspection, giving immediate access to data in asset inspection location condition, making it easier to share and act on results of inspection.


  • Proven to increase accountability by providing immediate access to data on asset location condition, as well as an essential audit trail and notifications on failed inspections.


  • Enables inspectors to take photos of assets that are deemed damaged or faulty, giving future proof when arranging for the asset to be fixed or replaced.




If you would like to enquire about our CheckedOK system, and feel it could be a good fit to facilitate your inspection processes, the please get in contact here.