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A new approach to asset management systems

PART I: Modern solutions are more flexible and can be more easily customised to companies’ exact needs

For thousands of years people have found ways to keep track of assets, from hieroglyphs in ancient Egypt and the Domesday Book in medieval times to the ubiquitous spreadsheets of today.

In recent decades we have also seen the advent of IT-based asset management systems. Most of these were originally designed for large, high-value inventories and over the years have become complex solutions that are difficult to adapt to specific customer requirements and expensive to maintain.

Then there are ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems which have been configured to include asset management. While these offer greater flexibility and more scope for customisation, they incorporate a broad range of functions and tools so are often too expensive for companies with smaller inventories.

Consequently, many companies continue to rely on spreadsheets which require a lot of manual input, offer low levels of security and data integrity and provide little in terms of management information.

Now systems like CoreRFID’s CheckedOK offer a new approach to asset management – one that is more modern and nimble and can be adapted for specialised industries.

CheckedOK, for example, is particularly relevant to firms in the lifting industry or those offering an inspection and maintenance service to other companies and who are managing assets over a number of sites. Functions range from recording inspection results and scheduling future inspections, maintenance and service work to risk assessments, method statements and invoicing.

As they have been developed using modern software tools, these systems provide all the flexibility of a relational database and provide management information. They also integrate with other technologies so support mobile working and asset identification using QR Codes, RFID and the emerging bluetooth technologies.

There has never been a better time to invest in automation. Companies looking to make the switch from spreadsheets or older legacy systems can contact one of our sales team to discuss the options or call us on 0845 071 0985.

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