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A View on the Development of Mobile Systems

Development of Mobile Systems

Terry Allen, CoreRFID’s Chairman shares his views on the development of mobile systems in this opinion piece….

“In the early days of mobile computing it wasn’t uncommon to try to use the same applications in the office and in the field but experiences soon showed that failing to take account of the way that staff have to work only lead to failed software projects. Only mobile applications designed specifically for the working environment worked successfully.

Even today, some organisations try to create mobile applications using the same systems development methods that they use for other types of applications or procure systems without considering realities of where applications will be used. A better approach is to work with the people that actually do the work in the field. By putting the key users together with the designers and writers of the system, problems can be avoided. Results show that this collaborative effort is the most effective way to develop mobile systems.

Experience clearly shows that historic methods of systems design and development cannot be applied to the development of mobile systems. More than any other type of application, they need a collaborative approach with the end user involved at each stage of the process. 

This short paper draws on real-world experiences from over twenty years in mobile application development in order to help avoid issues which lead to delays and cost over-runs on mobile application developments.”

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