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ADVA introduce RFID scanning System


Communications technology infrastructure provider ADVA Optical Networking is partnering with CoreRFID to introduce simultaneous multi-item RFID scanning as an aid to tracking components from source to customer.

As a supplier of fibre optic communications products to network operators like BT Open Reach, ADVA Optical Networking is at the heart of the superfast broadband revolution. ADVA’s products provide fibre connectivity, management and optimisation. The many variants of product in use demand that there is accurate tracking of components from the time they are received from manufacturers, through being worked on at ADVA’S technical centre, and then sent out to customers. ADVA intend to move from barcodes to RFID for this tracking.

The barcode technology currently being used to identify components has problems due to the large volume of items in circulation. ADVA find barcode scanning can be both error prone and time-consuming, especially with the need to scan each barcoded item individually. ADVA and CoreRFID have worked to show how RFID scanning of multiple components in bulk can achieve 100% accuracy and deliver the following benefits;

  • Reduce time spent on identifying assets, speeding processes
  • Improve accuracy throughout process
  • Significant reduction in work needed to process components in the technical centre

In a two year programme CoreRFID will work with ADVA to achieve this, eventually implementing new an RFID Scanning processes internationally across all areas of ADVA’s business.

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