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AmSafe Bridport Choose CoreRFID for Aviation RFID Tags

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Airborne Pallet Nets Identified With RFID Technology

Pallet nets are essential air cargo safety equipment, RFID tags track their use.

Amsafe Bridport, manufacturers of aviation cargo restraints are using RFID tags supplied by CoreRFID to identify air cargo pallet nets supplied to Airbus and Boeing.rf

The aviation industry requires a high level of identification and traceability as part of their drive to increase safety and security and are increasingly turning to RFID technology for this. It also supports the automation of operational processes, helping to keep track of millions of dollars worth of assets used in the air transport sector.

Aviation Standard RFID Tags

Airbus and Boeing require that the nets and all related parts are tagged with RFID technology to ATA2000 standard. Developed by the American Air Transport Association (ATA), the standard defines the characteristics and data content of tags used on aircraft parts and other flyable assets.

Tags conforming to the standard have to carry data in a specific format that follows the ATA200 code identifying material type, origination record, record of maintenance and so on.

Aviation RFID tags also have to meet AS5678, a standard governing performance standards and certification.

Working With RFID Tags Worldwide

AmSafe Bridport specialise in a range of products covered by ATA2000 including airframe restraints, cargo handling & movement systems. They chose CoreRFID to work with them to meet the standard. CoreRFID helps by selecting and supplying appropriate high memory capacity RFID tags and software to encode tags. CoreRFID is a supplier with wide experience of the various standards used with RFID technology and with access to a wide range of global RFID tag suppliers making them an ideal technology partner for a project of this type. The company is able to work globally, in this case with Amsafe Bridport in both the UK and Sri Lanka.

You can learn more about RFID standards here and find out about the ATA2000 standard here.