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BMW & RFID : Mini Extends RFID Use

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Following on from their earlier work, BMW Mini are extending their use of RFID. A recent order has been to equip their manufacturing and logistics operations with a network of 26 fixed-point RFID readers, RFID equipped handhelds and UHF RFID tags. CoreRFID continues to support BMW with the supply of RFID equipment, advice on technology selection and support in deployment. The new equipment will be used to allow BMW Mini to control a wider range of stillages, handling different parts.


Last year, BMW Mini implemented an RFID based systems to handle the tracking of stillages between their Swindon and Oxford plants. Having shown that the technology provides a reliable way of tracking valuable assets, now BMW are extending their use of RFID into other areas.

Fixed-Point RFID Readers in Manufacturing

Mini-logo-smallThe new readers are suited to a wide range of applications across manufacturing and distribution. This latest generation of fixed-point RFID readers allow users to construct an array of readers that allow assets to be pin-pointed within a larger area such as a warehouse, distribution centre or assembly floor. The same technology has direction sensing capability that allows the array of readers to determine movement of tags (and, so, tagged assets) within the monitored area.

Manufacturing and distribution are fast-growing areas of use for RFID technology, and CoreRFID offers a wide range of products and services to help companies planning to take advantage of the technology. You can find more details of the use of RFID in manufacturing and distribution in our RFID at Work pages.