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More Interest in Electric Cars Expands Chargemaster’s Use of RFID

Use of RFID

CoreRFID have had a long term relationship with the UK’s number 1 electric vehicle charge-point provider, Chargemaster plc. RFID enabled cards, overprinted with Chargemaster’s branding, are used to identify vehicle owners when they plug in to any of the Polar Network’s 4000+ publicly accessible charge points. Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular – the UK’s DVLA reported a 38% increase in e-car registrations over the same period last year with total registrations approaching the 20,000 mark by the end of June 2016.

Chargemaster use RFID cards and keyfobs to control access to charging points.
Chargemaster use RFID cards and keyfobs to control access to charging points.

A recent change in corporate branding meant Chargemaster needed a new look for their RFID cards. They also needed keyfob style RFID tags to offer to their clients as an alternative to their cards and tags branded specifically for their BMW and Tesla clients. We were happy to work with them on this project, ensuring that the new design tags were available on-time.

Untitled-1_edited-2The Chargemaster project is one of many where CoreRFID has worked with customers to overprint RFID tags with branding or promotional designs and we offer a project manged service that takes care of supply of the tag and the print services needed for the final product.


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