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CheckedOK Upgrade Delivers Improved Safety for RFID based Inspections

G&M NettM3-Mobile-Skying has been a customer of CoreRFID for more than 6 years and we are delighted that they recently decided to upgrade to the latest version of CheckedOK.  The upgrade gives them improved web access to data and a new calendar based job logging function.  The MC35 units they had been using have replaced with more powerful M3 Mobile Sky units which have integral RFID readers.

As well as supplying safety netting and airbags, G&M Netting has developed a new lightweight working platform to allow operatives to work at high level in complete safety. Further to the 4,000+ nets which are already tagged, G&M will be tagging all components of the new safety decking too.

Identity codes on the RFID tags allow the system to record the date the equipment was manufactured, when and where it was last stored, which jobs it has been used on and the safety checks carried out on it. All RFID tags are customised with G&M branding. For more information read the full case study.