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Construction safety firm upgrades inspection system

CoreRFID is delivering an upgraded asset management and inspection system for G&M Safety Netting.

G&M Safety Netting, which supplies construction firms with items such as fall arrest systems and stair towers, is migrating to an Android-based version of CheckedOK.

The upgrade will improve equipment monitoring, maintenance and compliance procedures.

G & M Safety Netting started using CheckedOK in 2009 – making it one of the earliest users – and will be completing the upgrade from its current Windows-based platform in September.

CheckedOK enables equipment inspectors to use a mobile or tablet to input data onsite. Data is automatically updated to a secure hosted database and certification documents will be immediately available for online viewing and download. It also assists authorised users meet industry regulations.

CheckedOK has established itself in the UK and Ireland as a leading inspection and asset management tool for the construction and heavy lifting sectors with more than 75 firms using the system. It is also used in Spain, Germany, Switzerland and Australia.

G&M Netting’s MD Mark Pickles says: “The processes we use underpin our company. CheckedOK is central to helping provide the high-level of monitoring, maintenance and compliance we provide for our construction clients.”

CoreRFID account manager Catherine Jones comments: ‘CheckedOK’s popularity with construction and lifting firms is due to speeding-up inspections and asset management processes while improving accuracy by eliminating manual data entry.

‘CheckedOK is an off the shelf system, but it is always tailored to meet every users’ specific needs. When regulatory and operational requirements change or new technology becomes available, the system can be upgraded to the new situation.’

CoreRFID’s technical director Munzi Ali comments: ‘Our on-going work will be to evolve the system to give users even more flexibility and enable them to take advantage of the latest mobile technology.’