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CoreRFID celebrates 16 years of growth

CoreRFID is celebrating 16 years of growth – a journey that has seen it develop from a small spin-out firm to an innovator in the field of RFID with customers across the world.

The business started life as part of an engineering firm, becoming a standalone company on 7 July 2007 when a team led by Terry Allen completed a management buy-out.

The directors recognised the potential for Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to solve industrial challenges, by using data held on RFID tags to automatically identify assets and provide integration with back end systems

Over the years CoreRFID has worked with many high-profile customers including Ocado, Serco and Syngenta to help them increase efficiency. Its CheckedOK solution has also helped to improve health and safety in many industries by monitoring assets that require regular inspections in line with regulations from bodies such as the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

CheckedOK is now a leader in the lifting inspection industry and used by well-known names such as VP PLC, StreetCrane Xpress, Catena and Ireland’s Electricity Supply Board (ESB). CoreRFID operates on the world stage with customers in Europe, the Americas, Australia and Thailand and maintains its position at the forefront of technology.

Munzi Ali, CEO and a member of the original buy-out team, said: “At CoreRFID we are extremely grateful to the stakeholders who supported us in the early days including our funders NatWest Bank and Mercia, which have been repaid in full and achieved an excellent return on their investment. Now, working with our partner Spanset, we are looking forward to a further 16 years of success and growth, both in the domestic and international markets.”