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CoreRFID helps Edesix implement RFID Asset Tracking System

RFID Asset Tracking System

CoreRFID helps Edesix RFID Asset Tracking System to log the allocation and ownership of their VideoBadge Body Worn Cameras. The authorised user can utilise a registered RFID card to identify and access their badge, offering verification at each stage of the rollout, and a verified audit-log of ownership. By using CoreRFID in conjunction with a suite of VideoBadges, organisations are able to operate a pool of Edesix Body Worn Cameras, rather than allocating each employee their own personal badge. In doing this, companies save time and money. CoreRFID speeds up the check-out process, and removes the need for passwords and additional hardware on-site.

Edesix VideoBadges are manufactured in the UK and are deployed by users around the world to offer protection for staff workiEdefix video badgeng on the front line. Edesix VideoBadges deter aggression and capture evidence-quality video and audio footage when required. These Body Worn Cameras have been adopted by Police, Security Professionals, Parking Enforcement, Prison Services and Retail Chains throughout the UK and abroad.  To learn more about Edesix, visit www.edesix.com

CoreRFID supplies the Elatec TWN3 Mifare desktop device as a user-friendly and powerful high frequency RFID reader/writer. There is a wide range of devices in the range that have API development support, customisation and support for most HF and LF RFID chip types.