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CoreRFID products & services now compatible with Apple systems

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We are delighted to announce that from January 2017, CoreRFID products and services will now be compatible with Apple systems. This development is off the back of feedback from ESB networks and general industry demand given to us. We are always striving to make our products and services we supply the most accessible and innovative in the RFID industry. This development will now allow any customers using apple products throughout their business to fully utilise our products and services.


This addition makes our products not only compatible with Apple, but also with Android and Windows systems. This means that whatever systems your company use, our RFID solutions can easily be implemented in to your business without any need for system changes.

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We are really excited by this development and hope it enables us to work with a range of companies across all industry sectors. We are really passionate about providing innovative solutions to various industries, as we know our dynamic and broad product portfolio can have a positive impact on overall business performance. We are not just focused on one particular market because our products can and have benefited a wide spectrum of organisations already; whether that’s lifting companies, manufacturing companies, or even asset management and logistic companies we are interested in speaking to you and helping with your asset management issues.

If your company is working with Apple systems, as well as Android or Windows  systems and would like to find out more information about our products then please don’t hesitate getting in contact by emailing us or calling +44 (0)845 0710985. We are happy to talk to you and discuss any questions you may have, we will even carry out a free consultation.