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Crane inspection firm switches to new RFID system

Crane inspection firm

A crane inspection business is transforming the way it operates after adopting RFID system to automate processes and paperwork in the field.

Total Crane Solutions has swapped from a manual paper-based approach to CheckedOK, an automated RFID system from CoreRFID, which specialises in the lifts, hoists and cranes industry.

Dean Williams MD of Total Crane Solutions, which serves the steel industry nationwide, comments: ‘We were working long into the night to catch up with inspection paperwork after we came home from a long day on site. Mistakes were being made, it took time to send certification and unfortunately we lost clients.

‘The RFID based system allows us to enter data before we’ve left a site and get it signed-off by clients. The audit is ordered in one place and is presented in a clear and concise way, there are no blemishes on the paperwork which used to be picked-up on site.’

Wolverhampton based Total Crane Solutions provides maintenance, safety, servicing, breakdown and maintenance services to crane operators and currently employs a team of four.

Williams says the new system makes the business look more professional: ‘We’re a small specialist company but the new RFID based CheckOK system gives us the image of a large corporate although we’ve kept our personal touch.

‘CheckedOK has made us more efficient, freed up time, and will certainly help us grow over the year. It has given us an extra lift at the beginning of the 2019.’

Munzi Ali technical director of CoreRFID comments: ‘We were able to adapt CheckedOK to Total Crane Solutions’ specific requirements using our knowledge of the industry. It’s a state of the art solution that has now been successfully implemented in businesses of all sizes within the sector. We’re pleased it’s having an immediate and positive impact on Dean’s business.’

CoreRFID specialises in the lifting, cranes and hoist industry, particularly in the UK and Ireland, and has a client base which includes businesses across industries from SMEs to corporates such as ICL, London Underground and BAE Systems.