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Don’t forget to update bespoke software systems

The way software is updated has changed and it’s now important to keep all layers up to date. That goes for customised programs too!

These days software updates come round with increasing regularity. Hardly a day goes by without a new alert popping up on screen to remind us to download a new version or update an existing program.

Not long ago when Microsoft dominated the market for platform software, updates were mainly to correct bugs. Now with increased competition from other leading suppliers like Apple and Google, companies are constantly updating their products to maintain a competitive edge. New releases often contain new features and withdraw old ones to improve usability and performance.

However changes in the software platforms – such as Microsoft 365 or Apple operating systems – can affect specialist applications, including those that operate important functions within your business. And it is not just the platform updates – changes to other layers such as browsers and office systems can have the same effect.

If all the layers are not kept in step, the application can soon become outdated and impossible to support and will then require a major re-engineering or need to be totally replaced. Therefore it is very important that software is kept up to date. With off-the-shelf applications, suppliers will usually update the software as part of the licence agreement but with bespoke or heavily customised software this is not normally the case.

Many of CoreRFID’s systems are customised to meet customer needs or software may be specifically written to integrate RFID into legacy systems. We offer a technology refresh service where we assess, with customers, the developments coming down the line and the impact on their systems. We then refresh the technology so they are able to keep all layers of their software environment up to date.

A technology refresh offers the following benefits:

  1. It ensures the system is supported at all levels
  2. It offers consistent, high levels of performance
  3. Interfaces are modern and user friendly
  4. It extends the life of a bespoke or customised solution
  5. the system is understood by software engineers, rather than a small group of developers who are knowledgeable about old versions of software.

To discuss your requirements please contact our specialist team manager Richard Harrison on 0845 071 0985 or email r.harrison@corerfid.com.