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GE Power utilising RFID Tool Tracking System


Maersk Line.jpgGeneral Electric (GE) Power, world leaders in power generation and water technologies for utilities, independent power producers and industrial applications have used CoreRFID to help implement their RFID Tool Tracking System. These tools which were are for onsite work, get placed into a shipping container and shipped globally around the world to various sites.

GE, needed a process which was less manual and unmanned when tracking the tools issued on site. They were finding that tools often got lost or unaccounted for and that they needed to man the containers, which can be expensive.

With their new RFID system in place GE have enabled an RFID access panel which only allows authorised personal in, who can then take the tools they require, with this entire process being electronically logged. CoreRFID are happy to providing the RFID Tags for this solution, which are attached to authorised users.

The main benefit of this system is the significant improvement in increased accountability, as well as the following other benefits;

  • Lower costs – Labour that was previously needed to man the shipping containers can be re-distributed into other areas of the business.
  • Better Security – Access control systems using RFID contribute to improved security of business premises. RFID tagging of stock and assets makes it easier to track inventory “shrinkage” and tags can be used to fight against product counterfeiting.
  • Higher productivity  RFID applications can automate the collection of information about the movement and location of assets, components, stock or other items; doing this more quickly, compared with manual methods
  • Increased sales opportunities 

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