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HID Tag RFID Testing Project Packs

HID Tag RFID Testing Project Packs

Not sure which way you want to go with RFID? Uncertain of the best technology or tag format for the applications you are planning?

Sometimes the only answer is to experiment.

Tag project packs or sample kits provide users with a selection of tags to make it possible to explore the capabilities of different tags in different environments.

Sample pack if tags from HID for RFID testing.We’ve just introduced a new selection pack from HID Global, one of the best established tag manufacturers with a track record in reliability and experience across the RFID spectrum.

As a result their tag pack makes it possible to experiment with RFID testing across low frequency, high frequency and UHF tags as well as allowing users the chance to try different forms of tag packaging including glass encapsulated tags.

For a full list of tags, check out this fact sheet .

You can order the HID Tag Pack here. 

Readers for RFID Testing

To trial LF and HF tags you might like to look at the Elatec TWN 4 Multi-Tech reader. This can work with all major standards in these frequencies.

For testing UHF applications in Europe (different standards apply in the USA), the Nordic ID Stix is a good choice.

Unfortunately we cannot recommend a single reader to use for RFID testing across all three frequency bands.