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Hoistech expands Construction Asset Tracking System

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Irish-based lifting and material handling services company, Hoistech has extended their use of CoreRFID’s Construction Asset Tracking, CheckedOK. Having used the system since 2010, Hoistech have now implemented CheckedOK to support service operations and breakdown services, extending the benefits of the system to their business. They have also added the recently released Risk Assessments & Methods Statements (RAMS) module, extending the support provided by CheckedOK to their safety management approach.

Hoistech offers a compressive, nationwide, support service for lifting and materials handling equipment across Ireland. CoreRFID supports users across both Eire and Northern Ireland.  At the heart of Hoistech’s business is the testing and certification of lifting equipment.

In construction, improving safety is always a key concern. Hoistech has been a leader in this. Hoistech originally introduced CoreRFID’s CheckedOK system back in 2010 to help make it easier to meet lifting safety standards such as the Safety Health & Welfare at Work Regulations monitored by the Irish Health & Safety Authority. Since then the installation has evolved, delivering benefits for Hoistech’s processes, including;

  • Simplified the inspecting engineer’s tasks
  • Speeded up the collection of information
  • Improved the accuracy of the data collected
  • Automated the reporting of inspection failures.

Vincent Feeney, Hoistech’s Service Director, gives a guide to how they benefit from CheckedOK in this video, using it to support over 300,000 assets for 5000 clients.

Recently, Hoistech decided to expand their use of CheckedOK. In 2016 Core RFID released a CheckedOK module to support Risk Assessments & Methods Statements (RAMS). Hoistech are introducing this to simplify and speed the checks needed before work can be carried out. They have also extended the use of CheckedOK to their service and breakdown operations alongside their testing and certification activities. Hoistech felt able to do this because CoreRFID’s respond rapidly on technical support and provide reliable data hosting services. Hoistech even point to CoreRFID as a partner technology provider on their web site.

If you interested in discovering how CheckedOK can improve your business processes, then get in contact with CoreRFID here.