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In ‘perfect position’ for global growth

Our asset management software latest heavy lifting project is set to begin a period of international expansion for our firm.

We’re working with lifting height, load control and safety company SpanSet Spain, which also manages operations in France and Portugal, on a tailored system to issue safety certificates in minutes.

We’re installing its IDXpert Net automated reporting system, which is being customised to the languages and working processes used by SpanSet Spain.

IDXpert Net, which replaces a manual system, enables inspections to be recorded on site using a tablet. The data is then automatically uploaded to a secure cloud-based database and is accessible to customers online. IDXpert Net, which will be in place imminently, reduces administration time while improving the accuracy of inspection reports

SpanSet Spain is a market leader for the lifting, height and load industries or 50 years. For half of that time, it has provided safety solutions, inspections and consultancy. It is part of the SpanSet International Group that has operations across five continents.

IDXpert Net is based on CoreRFID’s CheckedOK, which is a market leader in the UK and Ireland for inspection and asset management in the construction and heavy lifting sectors. We currently count more than 75 firms using the system in the British Isles.

Maite Zubillaga SpanSet Spain’s director general says: ‘IDXpert Net will improve the reporting speed, customer service and the aftersales support we can offer clients. It will be invaluable in developing current customer relationships and progressing new sales opportunities.

‘We’re developing our predictive maintenance, ensuring as much as possible that our customers can anticipate issues and replacement of kit well in advance. IDXpert will play its part in helping us to offer this intelligence and advice to our clients.’

Our technical sales director Richard Harrison says: ‘We’ve gained a vast wealth of experience and know-how in our home markets and are now in the perfect position to grow our international base in the heavy lifting and crane sector.’