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Industrial Chemicals Group Ltd improves tracking of Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) with RFID


Industrial Chemicals Group (ICL) uses IBCs to move chemicals between its six manufacturing plants and many customer sites. In order to closely monitor these movements and to improve traceability, ICL chose to introduce Radio-frequency identification (RFID). CoreRFID is delighted to have worked with ICL on the selection and supply of the correct RFID technology as well as developing a tailored, user friendly tracking solution.

Darren Sharpe, Energy Projects Manager at ICL comments: “RFID gives us a way of keeping track of IBCs across our own locations and customer sites. CoreRFID has helped us to realise a full asset management solution which greatly improves our accountability and overall management of our container fleet.”

Before installing the new system, IBCs were tracked manually which was very time consuming. The new tracking and monitoring system offers maximum control over these moving assets and therefore aids compliance with standards for handling hazardous materials; such as the UK’s Pollution Prevention and Control Regulations and the Control of Major Accident Hazard Regulations (COMAH). The system also enables ICL to ensure that all IBCs which are delivered to clients are then returned. Customers can easily be billed for lost or damaged stock, which leads to significant cost savings.

Other key benefits of the system already being seen by ICL include reduced administration costs, shorter asset audit time and automatic warning of re-use limits.