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Asset Inspection System – Innovating CheckedOK

Asset Inspection System - Innovating CheckedOK

New Features For Our Test & Asset Inspection System

Our Asset Inspection System CheckedOK  has users across many industries and countries. It can be used with a range of asset tagging technlogies, including RFID.  As well as ensuring it supports the full range of RFID technologies, we are always looking for innovative developments and new features that add to the benefits our customers get from the system.

Recently we have added the following new features:-

  • Report Manager
  • Job Analytics
  • Pending Approvals
  • Client Side Dashboard
  • Certificate Preview


Coming soon as well will be an i-pad based version of the system but, in the mean time, you can find out more about these new features below,  contact us for a chat about how this system could help your business or learn more about CheckedOK and the way it uses RFID here.

Report Manager

Batch reports are just one of the new features in CheckedOK

One of the main benefits of CheckedOK comes from its reports on inspections and assets. With items quickly identified – usually by RFID tags – inspection data can be easily linked to the relevant asset and relevant reports created.

However, users in different roles in the organisation may want different reports on a regular basis.

Using the Report Manager, users can now batch a number of reports together and download them in a single zip file, making them easy to archive and easier to share with others by email for example.

If you would like a demonstration on how to use this feature, then click here to view our video.

Job Analytics 

This new feature allows users to manage their inspection resources and engineers’ time better by analysing how long it will take to complete a job. Based upon previous inspections conducted, CheckedOK can analyse how long it will take the next time around. This helps businesses to manage their entire workload more effectively.

Pending Approval

Inspection results can now be checked before release to clients.

For some inspection approaches, users have asked that an engineer’s inspection results should be available for checking before it is published on the system. By doing this, users can ensure that any relevant additional data (for example, the actions that are planned in response) is also made available to clients at the same time.

This new feature is now included, allowing an inspection report to be held as “pending approval” prior to being OK’d by another member of staff.

Client Side Dashboard

CheckedOK is widely used by service providers, carrying out maintenance or inspection on behalf of their clients. This enhancement to the system means that clients can have a different dashboard tuned to their own needs, instead of using the same dashboard layout as their service provider.

Certificate Preview

A key feature of CheckedOK is its ability to generate inspection certificates that conform to the standards required for a given piece of equipment. Using the Certificate Preview feature, users (either office staff or engineers) are able to check visually that a certificate is correct before pressing “submit” to send it on as an approved inspection certificate.