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Inspection firm plans expansion with help of CheckedOK

A leading Cumbrian equipment examination company is investing in new technology as part of its long-term expansion plans.

CTS Safety is replacing its legacy system with CheckedOK inspection software from CoreRFID to help it automate its operation and improve efficiency and client service. Based in Brampton, the company serves businesses throughout Cumbria, Lancashire, Yorkshire and part of Scotland, but aims to expand into the North East and further develop its client base in the coming years.

CTS, which specialises in examination of lifting equipment, pressure plant and local exhaust ventilation systems, serves clients ranging from care homes and vehicle workshops to factories, warehouses and construction sites. It also provides services to rail contractors and has previously worked on the West Cumbria water supplies project, to create a new pipeline from Thirlmere.

Neil and Kim Elsender
Neil and Kim Elsender

Founded around 30 years ago, CTS Safety was acquired by the current owners Neil and Kim Elsender in 2011. They worked with a small developer to create their IT system which has since expanded to encompass all parts of its operation.

“The system has worked well but it has grown arms and legs over the past ten years and become very complex,” Neil, who is Managing Director, explains. “We spend a lot of time handling paperwork and need to become more streamlined and efficient. We also recognise that we may want new features if we are looking to grow the business such as offering real time access for engineers and clients.”

Step by step implementation

If the company was to replace its legacy system, Neil wanted to be sure that the new supplier would be around for the longer term. CheckedOK, which is a leader in the lifting sector in the UK and Ireland, was a natural choice. “CoreRFID’s long track record, and the fact that the system is used by a lot of larger clients, gave us confidence that the company had the stability to get us to where we wanted to be.”

Another factor to consider was that, as a SME with a busy schedule and a small team, they had limited time to spare for implementation. However CoreRFID proposed a three-stage implementation over a period of two years, and tailored to suit their needs. “The step by step process will make it more manageable and also enable us to retain the best elements of their current system,” adds Neil.

Using the CheckedOK system, engineers will be able to access their work schedules on their tablets rather than having to collect paperwork from the office. Once they arrive on site, they can quickly check which items need to be inspected by scanning the RFID tags on them, rather than having to read through lists and descriptions of plant.

Improving client service and efficiency

On completing the inspection, they can record the results on their tablet and the information is automatically uploaded to the system. Clients can access the data and download certificates online, instead of the company having to email it to them.

Neil adds: “The new system will give us more flexibility and improve our client service and efficiency, so we can manage more projects with our existing teams. We see a lot of opportunity and would like to expand into the North East, where CTS was originally founded, attracting new and larger clients. CheckedOK will make it possible for us to do that and enable the business to take a big step forward.”