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Just Rigging implement Lifting Inspection System

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The latest company to join the growing community to implement CoreRFID’s Lifting Inspection System is Just Rigging & Inspections. Based in Scotland and founded in 2005 by John Rhymer, they work primarily in the Scottish Markets and have some high profile companies south of the border. They have very quickly established themselves, gaining a reputation for being an honest and truthful company who strive to fulfil its clients’ needs, on time every time.

The bread and butter for them is carrying out rigging inspections for a variety of clients. They know the standards, the industry and that each piece of equipment needs to be certified and safe, being put back into commission with the minimum fuss possible.

Lifting Inspection System

This is where CoreRFID has come in and exponentially helped make this process more fluid and efficient…

By implementing our CheckedOK system we have helped Just Rigging improve their safety management, enabling them to easily collect and access inspection data using handheld computers, tablet devices (Android, Windows or Apple) or mobile phones. Experience shows that the best way to improve safety is to make it easy to do the right things. Our CheckedOK solution has not only helped Just Rigging to achieve this (reducing the risk of accidents, equipment failure, litigation and regulatory sanctions) but done so in a way that will see save them cost into the future.

With Just Rigging working predominantly to LOLER, PUWER and PPE regulations when carrying out their inspections, the CheckedOK system becomes the perfect tool. We easily formatted the system to suit the needs of these regulatory requirements, making it even easier for Just Rigging to carry out their inspections. They are easily able to download their inspection conformance certificates and gain access to details of the inspection carried out by any given inspection engineer.

We have really enjoyed working with Just Rigging & Inspections on this project and will continue to provide technical support over the next year.

If you would like to discuss your asset management issues and find out more about our CheckedOK system then please don’t hesitate getting in contact by calling us on +44 (0)845 071 0985.