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Kitlogg Choose CoreRFID for RFID Lost Property Tracking System

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Kitlogg’s Lost Property Tracking System

lost propertyKitlogg have partnered with CoreRFID to help implement an RFID Lost Property Tracking System into schools across the UK, which parents can use to track their child’s school garments when they are placed in the lost property box.

Kitlogg realised that there is often an issue with items not being recovered from the lost property box. Whilst a variety of establishments own a lost property box, Kitlogg have initially decided to focus on the school sector, where children’s school garments are often lost and never recovered.

Kitlogg wanted a solution where parents would not only know when their child has lost a garment, but what specific garment it is and where they can recover it from. This is where Kitlogg came to CoreRFID to come up with a solution for this issue…

Main benefits of the system

  • The process between when a garment is initially placed into the lost property and a parent receives a notification is automated, meaning nobody is required to manually inform the parent, improving efficiency and productivity


  • Using an RFID approach means data can be captured rapidly and accurately; avoiding data transcription errors and “missed items” when used to collect data on large numbers of items at once.


  • Improved Security by making it easier to track the location of any lost garments


  • Reduces the likelihood of parents having to replace permanently lost garments, saving them money.



If you would be interested in finding out more about this system then please get in contact with CoreRFID here.