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Barcodes or QR codes: CheckedOK gives users the choice

CheckedOK – CoreRFID’s market-leading inspection software – has been upgraded to incorporate the latest QR code technology.

QR codes allow far more data to be stored on a label than would be possible with conventional barcodes and, as they can be read by a standard tablet or mobile phone, the information is accessible to anyone on site. So for example, site managers or health and safety staff who want to check the status of an item of equipment can simply scan the QR code attached to it and automatically retrieve the certificate from the last inspection, rather than having to return to the office to check the paperwork.

CheckedOK is the market leading RFID inspection system for the cranes and lifting industries in the UK and Ireland and helps users meet industry regulations such as LOLER and PUWER. Since its launch in 2009, it has generated reports and certification documents for over 100,000 firms. The system is regularly updated to meet regulatory and operational changes.

CoreRFID technical director Munzi Ali says: ‘CheckedOK’s success is based on continually improving the efficiency and accuracy of reporting processes to help lifting firms to compete more effectively. The introduction of QR codes continues this guiding aim.”