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Marine inspection specialist gears up for future growth

A Middlesbrough firm which provides lifting equipment inspection and on-site load testing services is improving efficiency and enhancing customer service with the help of CoreRFID’s Checked inspection software.

Tees Valley Lifting & Engineering Services installs, inspects and tests lifting gear and other equipment aboard ships worldwide, at refineries and in shipyards and carries out maintenance and repairs.

The company also has a growing customer base on shore. It not only inspects the area’s landmark, the Tees Transporter Bridge, but also certifies lifting equipment for many local businesses such as vets, care homes, schools and workshops.

Founded in 2006 by father and son team Colin and Shaun Robinson, the company now employs 14 staff. The CheckedOK system will enable the inspection team to capture data on site in the required format and transmit it back to the office instantly, instead of bringing back handwritten notes to be typed up by admin staff.

The ability to transfer results rapidly is particularly important for Tees Valley Lifting, given that much of its marine services work is carried out from Aberdeen, and staff can be away for days in locations such as Norway, Sweden or the Shetland Islands. It also means that clients will be able to access reports on any item of equipment online as and when required.

Accessing reports at sea

Shaun says the CheckedOK system has the potential to save days of staff time each month. He explains: “A report of a ship inspection can take up to two days to type up, so the new system will free up a considerable amount of time for admin staff and enable us to send the inspection results to clients more quickly.

“CheckedOK will also allow us to create an online library where clients can access their reports online at any time. Currently we email them to the client’s head office and sometimes have to send a copy to a ship out at sea, which may be out of range. It is far easier for everyone if we can simply give them the log-in details.”

While the company has been building its marine client base, Shaun says that new legislation is also driving greater demand for local inspection services. “The investment in CheckedOK is part of our plans to update our systems by utilising the technology that will help us improve efficiency and put us in a strong position to continue our long-term growth.”

Benefits to the user

  • Immediate transfer of inspection results
  • Fast availability of reports and certificates
  • Saving in admin time as no need to re-enter data
  • Does away with clumsy paperwork.