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More UHF tags for Doosan Babcock RFID Tool Tracking

UHF Tags

CoreRFID has been providing RFID hardware to Doosan Babcock for 3 years now.  We are pleased that Doosan Babcock has placed OmniID tagsanother order for UHF RFID tags to add to the 20,000 tags already ordered.  Doosan Babcock fits the tags to various tools, such as grinders, drills and chain blocks.  Data from these items is read by handheld RFID readers which are also supplied by CoreRFID.  The data is fed to an App developed by Doosan Babcock which provides complete traceability of all tools as they are checked in and out of their facility. CoreRFID has fully tested and recommended the optimum hardware for RFID tool tracking.  Various tags have been recommended depending on the equipment being tagged, but the latest order includes UHF tags from Omni-ID.