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Software firm builds multi-lingual inspection system for its new investor

Richard Harrison and Munzi Ali

Technical Sales Director Richard Harrison and Technical Director Munzi Ali of CoreRFID

SpanSet Group, which acquired a 33% stake in CoreRFID in November, is using the Lancashire-based firm’s CheckedOK multi-lingual inspection system, which will enable its users to operate and produce reports in both German and French for the Swiss market.

The Swiss firm, which specialises in designing and manufacturing height safety, lifting and load control, selected the well-established system because it enables data from equipment inspections to be input online directly into the database. This allows a phased approach to implementation, minimises errors and allows certificates and relevant documents to be immediately available online for SpanSet and its customers. Dates for the next inspection are then automatically scheduled.

A later phase of the project will use android portable devices enabling engineers to enter data as the inspections are carried out onsite.

Patrick Friessner, head of online services at SpanSet, comments: ‘Our inspection records used to be entered on an ancient locally installed access-database and had to be replicated regularly so the administration had the latest data. This caused delays retrieving documentation to the end-user.

‘CheckedOK gives us greater efficiency and productivity which in turn means improved customer service. It all adds up to a more profitable business.’

CoreRFID technical director Munzi Ali comments: “CheckedOK has been designed for users both in the UK and globally. It can be used as an off-the-shelf product or tailored to meet specific requirements with the support of our consultancy.’