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New Elatec Multi-Frequency Kit For Developers & Integrators

Kit For Developers & Integrators

RFID is a flexible medium. It uses different technologies to suit different applications. There are different types of readers for different types of tags and different standards used in different parts of the world. But if you work as a user, developer, integrator or installer of RFID systems that may present a problem: What sort of tag are you trying to read, anyway?

Solving the Problem

Elatec have come up with a solution, the Tech Tracer Kit. The kit  helps you to read and identify over 40 different types of low frequency and high frequency RFID technologies. It covers the 125kHz, 134.2kHz and 13.56MHz wavebands (not UHF).

What’s In The Elatec Kit?

The Elatec TWN4 Tech Tracer Kit
The Elatec TWN4 Tech Tracer Kit

Elatec are known for their range of desktop readers and their latest multi-frequency reader, the TWN4 Multitech, is ideal for applications needing to handle multi-frequency tags or tags of different frequencies (a common problem with access control systems and personal ID card systems in multi-national organisations, for example).  The kit is fully supported for easy plug-in installation on Windows machines. It includes a range of tags for test purposes. There is also a USB memory stick which has drivers, sample source code, demos, datasheets. and documentation. The Tech Tracer Kit should be in the kit bag of any RFID developer or support specialist.

You can read more about the Elatec Tech Tracer Kit, download a fact sheet and view a video showing how it can be used here in our on-line shop.