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Blaze signs up for new delivery tracking system

Clive Knight of Blaze Signs

A specialist sign maker to many of the UK’s biggest events and retail businesses is implementing a CoreRFID software solution to track deliveries from leaving its production units until they are installed.

Blaze Signs, which has bases in Kent and Birmingham, lists Nationwide, Sainsbury’s and Metro Bank amongst its client base.

Each sign will be tagged with an RFID label so it is scanned when it leaves the factory and scanned again on arrival at the customer site. The signature is captured electronically on a tablet and a photograph is taken on delivery to prove the sign has arrived safely. GPS is also used to mark the delivery location and time as part of the electronic record.

Blaze Signs’ partner company Cygnia Maintenance will also benefit – at a later phase of the project – from CoreRFID’s technology, which will provide a schedule to ensure signage is maintained to achieve maximum performance.

Clive Knight, CEO of Blaze Signs Holdings, comments: ‘CoreRFID has a strong track record in electronic tracking software solutions which can also be used for inspection purposes. Munzi and his team’s skills in adapting the technology to our needs will improve our services to small businesses right up to the household brands we serve.’

Munzi Ali, Technical Director of CoreRFID, comments: ‘The signs can be expensive and while the majority were delivered without incident there were cases of some being lost or damaged. The electronic tracking system will ensure a smoother and recorded handover to the installation engineers.’

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