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More Portal Possibilities from Impinj

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Impinj_logoWith the increasing use of UHF RFID for tracking asset movement, Impinj has introduced the xSpan RFID reader, now available through our RFID shop.

The Impinj xSpan Gateway joins the xPortal and the xArray in a family of compatible readers, suited to different fixed-point UHF RFID detection applications.

The three products can be used as follows:-

UsageTag monitoring at an entrance.In/out tag movement at an entrance .
Movement detection in a room.
In/out tag movement at an entrance .
Movement detection within a room.
Item location within an area.
Typical installation pointDoor frame.Overhead or door frame.Overhead
Coverage~700sq. ft.~1000sq. ft.~1500sq. ft.
Example applicationsReceiving incoming goods.Continuous monitoring of high value assets.Tool location in an assembly area.

The Impinj Gateway readers all feature an integrated reader and antenna housing that can be easily installed with single-cable connectivity, using the unit’s Ethernet connection to also supply power.

Impinj xSpan Gateway & RAIN RFID

Ceiling mounted xSpan Gateway UHF RFID Reader from Impinj
Ceiling mounted xSpan Gateway

The Impinj xSpan Gateway uses 13 dual -polarised beams to scan a rectangular area for continuous monitoring of the presence of RFID tags. The reader can also detect tags moving into or out of the field monitored along a single axis. Impinj xSpan Gateway readers can be combined with xArray and and xPortal readers to create an integrated RFID monitoring field across a complete site, for example.

These Impinj readers follow the RAIN RFID standard and can form part of a factory or distribution centre implementation. RAIN RFID is one of the standards that are helping organisations to realise the potential of the Internet of Things. To learn more about the Internet of Things and its importance for business read our White Paper.