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Prolift: LOLER Inspection System migrates to Android platform

LOLER Inspection System

LOLER Inspection SystemProlift Handling, Ireland’s leading supplier and service provider of lifting and material handling equipment has migrated their LOLER Inspection System to an Android Tablet based platform. CoreRFID, who initially designed and built a bespoke version of CheckedOK to suit the requirements of Prolift, has facilitated this change.

The core business of Prolift is to supply and service all forms of lifting and material handling equipment. This means that safety is paramount, whilst ensuring inspections are also done in a cost effective and time efficient manner.

As a result of migrating to an Android based platform, Prolift are able to realise the following instant and future benefits;

  • Lower cost & user friendly device


  • Increased speed and efficiency during inspections


  • Multi-hardware deployment available, meaning faster deployment


  • Client Sign Off feature – This new feature ensures Prolift will not use pieces of equipment that have failed an inspection (an issue they previously had). When conducing an inspection, the inspector will be able to sign-off the piece of equipment to deem whether or not it has failed. This improves the all around safety of Prolift’s business processes and provides traceable accountability.


  • Available on Google Play


  • They are able to take advantage of the features; Risk Assessment & Methods Statements (RAMS), Service and Breakdown


  • They are now able to take pictures of assets they are inspecting, providing historical record of any damaged equipment

“Prolift is proud of its reputation as a reliable supplier of high quality products and services. The CheckedOK system is a central part of the delivery of our services to our customers.”

“Since migrating over to an Android based platform, the speed & efficiency of our lifting equipment inspections has significantly improved. The CheckedOk system continues to be an integral part of our service to our customers.” –David McElhinney (Co-Director)


RFID Benefits

rfidCoreRFID also provide Prolift with RFID Tags which add further improvements to their inspection processes. The main benefits derived from utilising RFID technology alongside their LOLER Inspection System, Checked, are the following;

  • Higher productivity – more inspections can be carried out due to less time needing to be spent


  • Improved Regulatory Compliance – Using an RFID strategy to inspect assets helps to address the health and safety issues concerned with regulatory bodies


  • Improved Accuracy – Allows data to be captured in real time, providing management with up-to-date required information


  • Better Security – RFID tagging of stock and assets makes it easier to track inventory “shrinkage” and tags can be used to fight against product counterfeiting



If you would like to enquire about our CheckedOK system, and feel it could be a good fit to facilitate your inspection processes, the please get in contact here.