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Prysmian find success with RFID Technology

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cable drumPrysmian, world leaders in the industry of high-technology cables and systems for energy and telecommunications continue to find success with RFID technology. Prysmian, who have subsidiaries in 50 countries have found success working with CoreRFID since 2008, who since then have supplied a wide range of RFID products.

Prior to 2008, Prysmian had an issue with tracking the cables that were stored on large wooden drums, which were stored outside due to there large size. They were stamping numbers on the drums, which due to the harsh weather environment often got damaged and worn away, making it impossible to identify the drums. This is where Prysmian came to CoreRFID to find a solution for this issue.

CoreRFID suggested using UHF RFID technology to facilitate the improvement of this process. Specially designed UHF  Tags for wooden assets, which due to their robust nature can withstand harsh environments without getting damaged. To supplement RFID Tags, CoreRFID also supply Prysmian with fixed point readers and handheld devices, which enable users to scan the assets which are tagged. This then fits into Prysmian’s own existing back office system.

Since utilising RFID technology, the main benefits that Pyrmian have achieved are;

  • Improvement of asset management, through easier recording and checking
  • Quicker and more efficient process, allowing resources to be re-allocated into other areas of the business
  • Improved security, through easier tracking of assets
  • More accurate and relevant information is captured



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