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Don’t Blow Your Top! PSSR With CheckedOK

PSSR With CheckedOK

Recently,  we have been asked, “Does CheckedOK support inspection of plant covered by PSSR?”

The short answer is “Yes!” We have a number of users already working with CheckedOK for just this purpose.

PSSR (Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000) is a set of rules designed to promote safety in the supply and use of pressurised equipment. PSSR affects manufacturers, users and rental companies.

Pressurised systems need checking under PSSR.
Pressurised systems need checking under PSSR.

PSSR states that relevant equipment needs to have a Written Scheme of Examination and that a “competent person” should carry out inspections. CheckedOK can record the result of those inspections, demonstrating conformance with the regulations.

Working practices for equipment covered by these regulations vary depending on whether the company is a manufacturer, user, or hirer but we are happy to discuss how we can help in each particular case.

You can learn more about CheckedOK here. To find out more about the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations, you can read the Health & Safety Executive’s Approved Code of Practice & Guidelines or check out their recently updated FAQ page.