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Asset Inspection System

Often a key success factor in RFID projects is choosing tags that can cope with all the different environments that they will be used in. Take IT asset tags, for example. They have to perform well in data centres but they may also have to cope for IT assets in warehouses or outdoors or on IT components used in manufacturing systems subject to temperature extremes or chemical exposure

We’ve recently discovered the RFcamp TITAN TAG™ and been impressed with their ability to withstand a range of conditions including chemical immersion and storage / usage in temperatures up to 150C.

The Wide Range of RFcamp TITAN TAG

Each version of the RFcamp TITAN TAG uses the Alien Higgs 3 chip but they are available in a wide range of form factors. This makes it possible to standardise on one range while still having the best size, mounting options (on and off-metal), readability in different regions or globally, and read performance for a number of different uses.

This range of options is a valuable feature in asset tracking and logistics applications.

Key members of the TITAN TAG family are:-

15x10mm Nail Tag.26x26mm Inch TagMagnet Attached Tags
139x6mm Blade Tag94x11mm Pallet TagLaundry tag.
60x6mm Strip TagGeneral Purpose 76x15mm Tag95x25mm Secure Tag

For a full list of tags, check out the RFcamp page at our on-line shop.

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