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RFID Asset Tracking provides Live Inventory Status on the Production Line

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Syngenta is a global leading agriculture company and like all manufacturing organisations strives to optimise efficiency on the production line. In order to track products throughout the manufacturing process, Syngenta chose to adopt Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. The company work with SolutionsPT using their Wonderware to increase efficiency and production work in progress but chose CoreRFID to fully test and source the optimum RFID technology for their business requirements.

The initial project involves 10,000 RFID tags which will be fitted to intermediate product bags, enabling them to be fully tracked through the storage and formulation stages to the finished product. Managing the production line and fully understanding where products are in the process, is key to Syngenta’s business.  The precise data provided by the RFID and the robust method of data storage will help them significantly improve efficiency and ultimately reduce costs. Being able to uniquely identify each product at each point along the line gives a full live inventory status and helps to optimise the Just-In-Time process.

Bartec readerWorking with Syngenta, CoreRFID chose fixed RFID Readers from Kathrein RFID. Also in certain areas of the site, due to the flammable nature of the products involved in the manufacturing process, the RFID readers had to be ATEX approved. RFID readers were also selected from Bartec as the optimum handheld readers for this project.  Because of the manufacturing processes involved, the RFID tags had to be flexible and durable, and a rubberised tag from HID Global was chosen after thorough testing and evaluation.