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RFID Asset Tracking System: Interesting Facts!

Asset Tracking System: Interesting Facts!

CheckedOK is widely used for asset inspection. Our customers tell us it makes a big impact on the costs of asset inspection and creates real benefits in the information available about assets.


Here are some interesting facts about CheckedOK: RFID Asset Tracking System…

Most users are in different parts of the lifting industry but CheckedOK has users in over fourteen industries such as Construction, Logistics, Asset Management and manufacturing

Innovating CheckedOK

7,011,272  reports have been generated using the system since it was first developed, giving users and their clients improved information

CheckedOK  has users in four continents: Europe, Asia, Australasia and North America.

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CheckedOK can share data with third party customers making it attractive in distribution, Logistics, Facilities Management and Healthcare.

CoreRFID has implemented the system in 13 Languages, including German, French and Czech as well as English!



It is difficult to know how many accidents have been preventRFID Asset Tracking Systemed by CheckedOK. Nor can we know how many equipment failures have been avoided through the use of the system. But our users frequently extend its use to other parts of their business. In some cases our customers have been using the system for almost ten years.

We think that is the best testimony to the value that CheckedOK asset inspection can bring.

Find out more about CheckedOK here.