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RFID Installation Flexibility With Caen ION


Caen ION Has On-Board Computing & Great Connectivity.

Many applications for RFID involve reading RFID tags in a range of locations, not just in office or other commercial premises. Sometimes there is a need for a mobile unit, able to operate without connection to a local computer.

caenionreaderThe Caen ION UHF RFID reader is designed for just this type of work. With its own on-board, Linux computer, connectors for 4 antennae, and connectivity by ethernet, wifi or GPRS, the CAEN ION can be deployed in a range of formats, including in vehicles to provide a mobile RFID reading capability. The reader has an IP42 rating, meaning it is suited to indoor applications. It does all this in a compact casing just 275mm x 155mm x 39mm, meaning it can be easily installed in customer service locations such as retail counters and check-in / check-out desks. Depending on the antennae used, the reader can handle reading tags at distances of a few centimetres  up to 7 or 8 metres. You can download a fact sheet for the Caen ION here, or to order one of these capable devices visit our on-line shop. To discuss which version of the ION and its development kit is best for your application just give us a call on +44 (0)845 071 0985 or contact us here.

No Longer Lost With The Caen ION

The Caen ION has been used by Kitlogg Ltd as part of their lost property recovery service for schools. You can learn more about that here or visit https://kitlogg.com.

Full of Features

Check out this short presentation showing the Caen ION’s key features:-